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Bust the flu with flu shots at AFC PriMed

September 12, 2014

Vaccines available for the whole family

As the mercury drops and summer starts to fade, we can enjoy saying goodbye to hot weather health issues like allergies, sunburns and heat-related illnesses. But with the fall season comes new health issues, primarily the flu. American Family Care, the second largest privately owned urgent care operator in the country, is ready to help families stay healthy this fall with low-priced flu shots.

Flu shots are now $25 at all American Family Care locations. All clinics will have three types of vaccines, low-dose Fluzone ($25) for those 6 months and older, Fluzone HD ($50) for those 65 and over and Fluzone ID ($40) for adults ages 18-64. AFC doctors are urging everyone to take advantage of the low price to make sure families do all they can to keep the flu at bay.

“Protecting yourself from the flu not only keeps you from getting sick, it can keep the people around you virus-free, as well,” said Dr. Bruce Irwin, founder and CEO of American Family Care. “Flu shots are the best way to avoid the risk of hospitalization and even death from the virus.”

For those with chronic illnesses and children, the flu can be much more than a passing bug. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that flu shots helped reduce the number of hospitalizations for adults by more than 70 percent, and that number jumped to around 77 percent for adults over age 50. Vaccinations are also important for pregnant women and children who are in close contact at school.


  • The U.S. flu season can run from October through May
  • Typically 1 in 5 Americans gets the flu each year with peak seasons in January, February and March
  • Flu related illnesses cause some 200,000 hospitalizations each year
  • 90% of flu related deaths are people age 65 or older
  • The past two years, on average, 42% of Americans were vaccinated against the flu – more than half DO NOT TYPICALLY GET THE FLU SHOT.

AFC clinics are the perfect place for busy families to get their flu shots before the season is in full swing. With extended evening and weekend hours, clinics are able to serve busy families and keep them in good health all year.

“We are the one place in town where busy families can come to get the vaccine for everyone – Mom, Dad and the kids,” said Dr. Irwin. “We offer vaccines for everyone, so there’s no excuse for not bringing the entire family in at one time.”

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